bakho (bakho) wrote,

Playing with words - Igrati se riječima

Liu Kang Shang Tsung Kung Lao Shao Khan Kung Lao Mao Tse-tung ima bungalov Liu Kang Shang Tsung čunga lunga achtung čang šlang ying yang pazi kume bumerang Stephen King Stephen Kong Mongolija Vietcong King Kong King Double I'm the King of Bongo Bong Hong Kong ping pong ringišpil Eurosong ding dong Beijing Singapur bling bling Sing Sing shaolin naopako niloash Kung Pao Chio chips Mio Mao ipsilon Kung Lao Čazmatrans Manu Chao Wu-Tang Nefertiti bang bang Gotham City kotangens cile mile oš' neš' Mile Kekin Macintosh kukuriku šuriken uku lele Bukurešt kuku lele Chao Bao cile mile vamo tamo tutti frutti Coco Jambo John Rambo Bangladeš...

Tags: languages, music

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