bakho (bakho) wrote,

Tram Drizzle - Bljuzga u tramu

 Sjedim u tramvaju i vozim se doma s posla navečer. Kraj mene sjede dvije djevojke, jedna od njih s dečkom. Raspravljaju o tome da li će se vidjeti sutra. I kaže prva drugoj: "Mislim, vidjet ćemo se 80% sutra. Od sto." Što reći? Srednjoškolska matematiko, o što si nam učinila svima?


I'm sitting in a tram and taking a ride home from work in the evening. Two girls sit next to me, one of them with her boyfriend. They're making plans about meeting tomorrow, and one of them says to the other one: "Like, there's 80% chance we'll see each other tomorrow. 80% of a hundred." What to say? High school mathematics, what hath you done to us all?
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